©Playboy Lake Geneva I

©Playboy Lake Geneva I .
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Title: ©Playboy Lake Geneva I
Medium: Lithograph on watercolor paper
Size: 20″ x 26″
Movement: Abstract / Pop Art
Circa: 1960’s
Edition: 9/40
Price: $1500

This is an original work of art created specifically for the Playboy Resort in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.  This is a numbered print and original work by NA Stewart, signed and numbered 9 of 40.  This piece was located in a Suite in the “0” (zero) building (located closest to the Recording Studio and CC (Convention Center).  I acquired this peace in the later part of the 80’s when the, then Americana Resort was in the throws of going under.  It was given to me by an Executive of the American Resort and Hotel chain at my request.

The piece is in excellent condition given it’s age and life lived in the bathroom of a resort since the early 1960’s.  There are signs of water damage in the paper.  No stains, just ripples. It is in it’s original frame and bears the label of the framing company that framed it.  Seaberg Picture Framing is still in business today and may know more history on the piece and the artist.

I first saw the work in 1985 while working as an employee of the resort.  It reminded me so much of the abstract modern works by Rothko seen in the Bradley Collection at the Milwaukee Art Museum.  And Ellsworth Kelly’s “Red, Yellow, Blue II” also in the Milwaukee Art Museum.  I have always been messermized by the artists choice to use two primary colors, not three.  The green color is lost between the blue and red and one has no idea what it is doing there. The human eye says yellow should be there. Maybe it was and mixed with blue?  I do not know, but the colors work and I love the piece.

After 30 years in my personal collection, it is time to go to a new home so someone else may enjoy it as much as I have. It may be seen M-F 9-5 at my office in Lake Geneva.  Please call first.

©Playboy Lake Geneva I .

©Playboy Lake Geneva I . ©Playboy Lake Geneva I . ©Playboy Lake Geneva I .©Playboy Lake Geneva I .

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