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Burnham Oil LubesterRestoring things has been primarily a hobby.  I have always had a knack for making old things look new, new things look old, and sometimes – a little bit of both. I have restored automobiles, scooters, old gas pumps, oil lubesters and more. I have also made art out of rusty old things and found objects.  Most of these items can be found listed amongst my Antiguity pages.

I am interested as much in the process as I am the preservation and rejuvenation of objects.  The artistry, to me, is in taking time to make the right choices as it concerns, color, texture and the overall function of any object I restore.  Not every object needs to be repurposed. I believe in the enjoyment that comes from surrounding oneself with the aesthetic nature of an object as much as I desire its function. MGB

I attempt to do 100% of the restoration myself.  However there are some specialized skills and equipment I do not posses.  In those instances, some work is farmed out to a specialist.  I use a local sandblaster for larger projects. I also use a local powder coat specialist.  Any part I am unable to order or find, I have to make myself.  Examples include recreating decals, bolts or other minute details that are not easily found or readily available.

MGB GTI enjoy complete and partial restorations.  There are times when the natural age and or patina on an object looks as nice if not nicer than when it was new. In these instances I have made a choice to leave an item in its natural state.  It is possible to overwork an object.  I feel  making the hard choices in what to leave alone and what to make new again is where the real artistry of restoration is. I probably spend  about 2 hours of research for every 1 hour of work I have done on any given restoration project.

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