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Title: Obsequious
Medium: Watercolor on 140lb watercolor paper
Size: 18″ x 24″
Movement: Neo Romanticism/Abstract Expressionism
Circa: 2015
Price: $250 ($400 Framed)

High Resolution Detail Below


About the work:

Obsequious is a willingness to serve someone or something, too much.  Those who are Obsequious  are typically not genuine.  The Obsequious will resort to flattery in a feeble attempt to stay in your good graces. Most people who are Obsequious are brown-nosers, ass kissers, or yes men.  The Obsequious will do as you command.  In the end, the Obsequious are only in it for themselves. What lies beneath is a distrust, uncertainty and false; a coward.


This painting began with yellow, which on the outside appears to be the color of sunshine, happiness and enlightenment.  In truth it is a sign of caution, cowardice and illness.  The very pigment itself is toxic.  It is masked in shades of red and purple. Red, symbolic of blood, passion and heart.  Purple exudes power, prides and independence. All this lies buried beneath, yet some how rears it’s ugly head in the end.

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