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Title: Lightsaber
Medium: Metal & Plastic, Found Objects, Paint
Prop Info: Scale Replica
Movement: Movie Prop Reproduction
Movie: “Star Wars”
Circa 2010
Price: $95

This is a scale replica of a light saber created out of simple drain parts found at a local hardware store. If you look closely at similar props you will find they contain similar and rather common household plumbing parts.

Build parts include:

Lightsaber Parts

1.  Pop-up basin drain. I used a chromed one. There are some that are made of all brass or all metal as well. The rods and brackets shown in the image are part of the package, but they were not needed.

2.  Faucet hole cover.

3.  Disposal gasket. There are a few different kinds. They work great for the grip.

4.  Slip nut and Washer.

5.  Slip joint washers.

6.  Drain extension tube with threads and slip nut.






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