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BarnI began drawing at a very early age.  Whether from nature or life, with pencil or the computer, I have always had a passion and fascination with the line.

Life DrawingI have worked in almost every medium imaginable, however I prefer conte crayon and charcoal the most. The majority of drawing is in the form of sketches or studies of other works – usually in another medium.

Art historians will often times find literally hundreds of drawings of an artists final work.  These

Geo WomenOther pieces I have created contain both new and old elements. I typically like to start with a found object and build the work around it.  In a sense, I feel I am breathing life into the old by giving it a new frame of reference to be displayed in.  What I find most interesting about these objects is the artistry they contain on their own.  Once they are incorporated into a composition, the entire piece becomes a work of art.

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