Decorative Table

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Title: Decorative Table
Medium:  Pine, Bamboo, Tile, Metal
Movement: Decorative/Repurpose
Circa 2016
Price:  CURRENTLY DONATED TO YMCA AUCTION You have until 2-20-16 to bid on it!

Decorative table fashioned out of repurposed stone tiles, bamboo and metal plumbing pipe. This hand crafted art piece consits of Bamboo trim and a pine base antiqued using acrylics, stain and polyurethane. Tiles are hand laid and hand grouted, weathered and urethaned.  The piece stands approximately 23″ tall with a table top dimension of 15″ x 16″.  Piece is signed by the artist.  Decorator piece (Shells in Vase) included as display.

Table Table Table Table Table Table Table Table*Shells in Vase by Kelly.


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